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Poway Radiator Replacement

The radiator is an integral part of your car's cooling system. As reliable as your car may be, radiator replacement is sometimes necessary in older models. While radiator hose replacement or radiator fan repair are possible fixes that can do the trick in some cases, a complete replacement of the radiator might be your safest and best option.

Your Radiator Replacement Expert

Your car's radiator keeps things cool, but over time radiators can and do wear out. Fortunately, radiator replacement is one of the many quality services offered at Hunda. If you suspect a radiator hose is leaking or the radiator fan is not functioning properly, bring your vehicle in to us and have the radiator inspected.

Some of the signs you might need a radiator replacement include:
  • Leakage from the radiator visible below the front of the vehicle.
  • The car's temperature gauge runs hot or shows fluctuations
  • Increased leakage when the vehicle is hot.
  • Grinding or other sounds coming from the radiator.

Many imports are extremely reliable and can run upwards of 200,000 miles if you're diligent about maintenance. Oil changes, tune-ups, diagnostics and fluid checks should be scheduled at the appropriate mileage. However, radiator problems can arise even in the most well-maintained cars. It's crucial that you address them as soon as you notice any issues with your vehicle running hot or overheating.

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Addressing radiator issues early can help keep your car running great for many years to come. We have quality replacement radiators that are ideal for all seasons and conditions, and our efficient cooling system services will have you back on the road in no time. We'll help to keep your car cool so you can stay cool, too!

Addressing car problems right when they arise can often save you from bigger, unexpected and possibly ongoing mechanical issues down the road. At Hunda Automotive, import cars are our specialty; our ASE-certified technicians can service just about any model, from scheduled maintenance to radiator replacement and more.

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