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“There is only one way to do it, The Right Way."
That’s our motto.

  • We have what it takes & will do what it takes to get it done right every time.Why We Are Different | Hunda Automotive

  • We listen to our customers and acknowledge their needs.

  • We treat every vehicle as if it was our own.

  • When a client comes to us with a problem that other shops and even dealerships have been unable to resolve, we fix it. As a matter of fact, we accept these vehicles as a personal challenge and will often spend our own time (nights and weekends) working to get resolution.

  • Our shop is a clean well organized fully equipped, full service facility with top notch ASE Certified Master Technicians that can perform everything from an oil change to the most complex repair.

  • We strive to service, diagnose, repair, and maintain your vehicle with absolute precision. Therefore, we utilize the best tools and finest service/repair information in the industry.