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Mazda Service and Repair

We Love Your Mazda as Much as You Do!

America's love affair with Mazda began in 1979 when the Japanese automaker, then partnered with Ford Motor Company, came out with the first version of the RX-7. Since then, American drivers have embraced Mazda's irresistible combination of quality, efficiency, speed, and style, making it one of the top-selling brands in the United States.

Like the cars they drive, Mazda owners are in a class all by themselves. They love their cars and they love how driving them makes them feel. “Zoom zoom” ring a bell? Anyone who's gotten behind the wheel of a Mazda knows it's not just a slogan; it's a lifestyle.

As a Mazda owner, you might have operated under the misapprehension that, in order to get good, Mazda-specific service, you would have to take your car to a dealership. Here at Hunda Automotive, our ASE-certfied technicians are experts in Mazda service and repair. They know what makes your Mazda tick, which means they know what can go wrong and just how to set it right.

Whether your Mazda of choice is along the lines of the classic RX-7 or 626, the brand new MX-5 Roadster, or the family-oriented MPV station wagon, you can rest assured that Hunda Automotive's technicians have the skills and know-how necessary to keep your vehicle healthy and road-worthy for years to come.

And regardless of whether your trip to our shop is in response to a drivability problem you're experiencing or merely a matter of preventive maintenance, rest assured our mechanics are here to meet those needs, not to mention exceed your expectations, every time. Call us today at our Poway auto repair to schedule an appointment.

Mazda by the Numbers

What is the number of your Mazda? Do you drive an RX-8? Or a CX-9? Maybe you get behind the wheel of a 323 every day on your way to work. And while we realize that not all Mazda models have number-based names – there's the Tribute and the Navajo for starters – the point is, what kind of service your car requires is based a great deal on its model. We at Hunda Automotive know every Mazda model inside and out, no matter what your car's age or maintenance record.

Much has changed in the design of Mazda’s over the years. The slogans have changed. Even the emblems are not the same as they were roughly 35 years ago when the first RX-7 hit the American roadway. What hasn't changed is Mazda's proven track record of dependability, not to mention Hunda Automotive's commitment to helping keep that record intact.

Time for a Tune Up?

We've all heard an out-of-tune guitar or someone singing off-key. It's not a pleasurable experience. It's also not a pleasurable experience to drive a car that is in desperate need of a tune up. That tune up can take many forms. Maybe your Mazda needs its AC system serviced. Perhaps it failed its last emissions check. Or it could be that you've noticed that something just seems off. That's where the technicians at Hunda Automotive come in. They will put your Mazda through the paces, checking for problem areas and recommending services sure to make it sing again.

How Acting Now Can Prevent Problems Later

Preventive maintenance for your Mazda will go a long way toward ensuring you don't have to bring your car into the shop for costly repairs.

In many ways, preventive maintenance for your vehicle, whether it comes in the form of an oil change, belt replacement, fluid replenishment, or other routine service, is a lot like preventive healthcare for your body. If you see to it that your car is in tip-top shape before you put it to the test, chances are good it will perform better for you and not treat you to any unwanted surprises.

At Hunda Automotive, we know what goes into effective Mazda-specific preventive maintenance. We will consult with you every step of the way and implement the essential services that will ensure your car performs to the highest of all possible standards.

(Oil) Change is the Only Constant

You've probably heard the phrase, “In life, change is the only constant.” When it comes to car health, the oil change must be a constant feature of any maintenance schedule or your vehicle will suffer. Good, clean oil allows your Mazda's moving parts the lubrication and temperature control they need to operate smoothly and efficiently. If it has been 3,000-5,000 miles since you're last oil change, call Hunda Automotive today to schedule an appointment for your Hunda service.